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HTD Australia is a Brisbane, Queensland based company specialising in horizontal directional drilling / underground boring services for the installation of conduits under paths, driveways, roads, rail, congested and environmentally sensitive areas.
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Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast

Leading Vacuum Excavation Services in Gold Coast

Vacuum excavation – also known as hydro excavation – is vital to any construction or maintenance project where underground utilities are lurking. It ensures that all underground pipes and cables are mapped accurately.

As with most jobs, if you fail to plan, you should plan to fail. Time spent at this stage is time well-spent.

Why Use Hydro Excavation?

The core purpose of vacuum excavation is to keep your workers and others on the ground safe.

When you’re clear about the location of underground assets, you’ll minimize any chance of accidental line damage, or worse. Your workers will know precisely where hidden utilities lie and at what depth. If you approach this mapping process by manually digging or pressing heavy-duty machinery into commission, you’re fishing for disaster.

Hydro excavation will also minimize the chance of any trench cave-ins that can be dangerous and disruptive to your progress and the people around you.

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Core Benefits of Hydro Excavation

It’s remarkably precise, so you’ll lose less soil and need less material to fill the hole.
The working area remains clean, with all waste stored in a debris tank. You’ll reduce the chances of causing damage to power lines, simultaneously allowing traffic to flow.

Hydro-excavation is far less labour-intensive than traditional hand digging, so you’ll save on manpower and costs. It’s far less invasive than traditional digging methods.

OK, so you can see the benefits of vacuum excavation in Gold Coast, but what is it?

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Powerful vacuum machinery allows you to pinpoint the precise location of underground utilities quickly and easily. It breaks up soil using highly pressurized water. The material is then moved to a waste tank via a vacuum, preserving all underground assets and leaving them readily accessible. Water weakens the holding strength of the soil and makes it easier to vacuum.

This form of hydro excavation is not only the most effective, but it also gets the job done fast. It even works through frozen ground by employing hot water to loosen the soil. This type of vacuum digging doesn’t, however, allow you to use the waste to refill the hole.

From government agencies to contractors and network and service providers, the demand for vacuum excavation services has never been higher. So, what do you do to get started?

Are You Looking for Hydro Excavation Services Near You?

If you believe that vacuum excavation makes sense for your project, get in touch with us here at HTD Australia. Contact us for a quote today.

We’ll let you know right away if hydro excavation is a good fit for your job, and you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right the first time around.

Get in touch today and push your project forward safely, efficiently, and easily!

Proudly Serving Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a coastal city located in Queensland, Australia. It is known to be one of the beach side holiday destinations in the state. It’s the home of the famous Gold Coast Wax Museum, where it features life size wax effigies of several famous Australian personalities. You can also find several amusement parks such as Sea World, Dreamworld and Warner Bro.s Movie World on the Gold Coast. With several tourist spots, the Gold Coast is the most popular tourist destination in Queensland and ranks 5th as the most visited city in Australia by tourists. HTD Australia has been serving the Gold Coast and has become the leading provider in horizontal directional drilling/underground boring services in the area.

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