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HTD Australia is a Brisbane, Queensland based company specialising in horizontal directional drilling / underground boring services for the installation of conduits under paths, driveways, roads, rail, congested and environmentally sensitive areas.
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Horizontal Drill Services

Horizontal Directional drilling is a process of installing conduit and pipe underground using a trenchless method.  A horizontal directional drilling machine for Trenchless Underground Drilling has proven to be faster, more cost effective and a lot less disruptive to existing surfaces whether installing small, large or multiple conduits. Let our horizontal drilling machine make short work of any task you need completed.

HDD Drilling Areas Serviced by HTD Australia’s National Directional Drilling

Regional Queensland Landscape | HTD Australia

Regional Queensland


  • Trenchless solution for underground installations without disturbing surfaces
  • Savings in excavations and shoring costs
  • Savings in daily reinstatement costs
  • Removes the possibility of trenching-related accidents
  • Less delays due to unfavourable weather conditions
  • No need to apply for road opening permits for public road works
  • Faster and neater, usually requiring less than half the time needed by
    conventional trenching methods
  • Ideal for sites sensitive to surface disruptions, like golf courses, airport
    runways, busy traffic junctions, difficult site conditions, etc
  • Eliminates the need to level and replace/match pre-existing surfaces
  • Cost effective – prices tend to be similar if not less than traditional trenching methods

Worker boring underground | HTD Australia

Recent HDD Trenchless Projects

Woombye Aged Care Facility

8 Bores – 63mm Rising Sewer Main – 800 meters of drilling through a variety of challenging alignments, including bushland, creeks, roads and difficult terrain. Additional precision was required to ensure the rising sewer main pipeline was installed with consistent fall.


110mm Gas Sleeve – 100 meter under-bore beneath an ARTC rail corridor. Our rock-drilling HDD rig was used to successfully deliver this project through hardened sandstone.


6 Bores – 180mm Rising Sewer Main – 380 meters of drilling for a new sub-division.. We tackled a few different scenarios and installed bores beneath creeks, roads and bushland.


16 Bores – 180mm Water Main & 90mm Recycling Main – 750 meters of drilling installed through-out the botanical gardens. These bores required careful consideration of the existing gardens, historical sensitivities and pedestrian traffic.


125mm Electrical and 125mm Communications Conduits – We were engaged to expand the electrical and communications services through-out a variety of schools within South East Queensland. Our bore alignments were beneath buildings and school grounds, and these works required careful safety considerations as school operations were on-going.


9 Bores – 250mm Gas Sleeve – 360 meters of drilling along road verges and beneath roads for the installation of a new gas main. This project involved close collaboration with the principal contractor to ensure smooth delivery.


2 Bores – 125mm Electrical & 63mm Communications – 104 meters of drilling beneath concrete slabs, testing our tracking expertise to accurately maintain the desired bore alignment.


315mm Sewer Enveloper – 70 meters of drilling down an embankment. This project required careful planning and drafted bore profiles to ensure the pipeline was installed to the correct parameters.


9 x 125mm Electrical Conduits – We faced challenging ground conditions and restricted space during the deliver of this project – however we still completed the installation within the set timeframes.

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Worker boring underground | HTD Australia

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