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HTD Australia is a Brisbane, Queensland based company specialising in horizontal directional drilling / underground boring services for the installation of conduits under paths, driveways, roads, rail, congested and environmentally sensitive areas.
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Directional Drilling Sunshine Coast

Reliable Directional Drilling in the Sunshine Coast

Looking for highly recommended directional drilling contractors in the Sunshine Coast? HTD Australia are the specialists for you.


HTD Australia is one of the most trusted and accomplished directional drilling companies in South East Queensland, with over 20 years of in the industry and several drilling projects completed throughout the region. We work with all types of client and organisations, from local and state governments to businesses and private homeowners. Whether you need to install pipes and cables for your big commercial project or maintain existing utility lines under your home, our technicians can provide the drilling solution you need.


No matter how simple or complicated your drilling requirements may be, you can trust us to get the job done on time and on budget.


Call 07 3883 1400 today to get a quote for your project.

Work with Proven Directional Drilling Contractors in the Sunshine Coast

When it comes to quality directional drilling contractors in the region, many people know that HTD Australia is the team to turn to. Here’s why:

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Decades of industry experience


We have been in the industry for 20+ years and have specialists on our team with decades more of collective experience. This experience is priceless, helping us determine the most practical and cost-effective solution for your project. This lets us save you more time and money, getting the job done quicker and more cost-effectively than most other drilling solutions.

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Trained industry specialists


When you work with HTD Australia, you can rest assured that you have trained professionals handling your drilling project. All our directional drilling technicians are fully trained and qualified for the job, getting the job done in the most efficient and safest manner. No matter how simple or complex the job may be, we make sure that it gets done properly the first time around.

HTD- Top Clients

Trusted by organisations big and small


We’ve worked with organisations of all types and sizes, from local and state governments to small businesses and big corporations. Our list of clients speaks for itself, with a variety of drilling projects filling our body of work in the Sunshine Coast. If you’re looking for directional drilling professionals that you know people trust, we’re the team for you.

If you’re after quality, safety, and great value for money, HTD Australia is your best bet. Call 07 3883 1400 to get a quote or find out more about our team.

What is Directional Drilling?

Directional drilling – also often referred to as horizontal directional drilling or directional boring – is a trenchless digging technique primarily used for the installation of conduits and underground utilities.


Because it is a trenchless drilling method, directional drilling creates a minimal impact on the surface and its surrounding environment. This makes it an ideal drilling solution in sites with established structures or locations that have environmental restrictions.


Directional drilling lets you drill underground quickly and safely without disrupting the surface significantly, making it an excellent alternative to traditional trenching and excavating.


We have a variety of special surfaced-launched drills that ensure as little disruption on the surface as possible. This means fewer traffic disruptions and no major interruptions to your daily operations.


Because of its relatively low cost, quick turnaround and minimal surface disruption, directional drilling is always a top choice for many project managers and property owners.

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Worker boring underground | HTD Australia

Why Choose Directional Drilling Over Trenching or Excavating?

  • Minimal surface impact
    If you want to drill underground without affecting much of the surface, there’s no doubt that directional drilling is your best choice. Conventional trenching and excavating are known to cause a big impact on a site’s surface and environment, removing a large amount of dirt and soil at the start and reinstating it at the end of the project. This can be a big problem in sites with established structures or environment-sensitive locations.
  • Produces results faster
    Most of the work in directional drilling happens underground, so it’s less likely to be delayed by rain or bad weather conditions. Unlike trenching and excavating that can be delayed by bad weather, directional drilling will let you work even in unfavourable weather conditions. This often means faster turnarounds and more savings for your project.
  • Requires less labour
    Unlike most trenching and excavating jobs, directional drilling can be done by a small team of technicians and specialists. This can help you reduce your labour costs and keep the job site safer.
  • Suitable for complicated sites
    Because it works underground with minimal surface disruption, directional drilling is much more versatile than either traditional trenching or excavating. Use it to drill under established structures or sites with environmental restrictions without issues.
  • Cost-effective
    Directional drilling often ends up being similarly priced as most trenching and excavating jobs – and in many cases, even much cheaper! Given its many advantages over traditional trenching and excavating, directional drilling often comes out as the more cost-effective drilling solution.

Suitable for Different Projects

Directional drilling is one of the most versatile drilling solutions available today, allowing you to dig and drill under a variety of sites and locations without issues on top. Because of its minimal impact on the surface and its highly controlled way of drilling, directional drilling is the ideal drilling solution for sites like:

  • Motorways and main roads
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Sidewalks
  • Side streets
  • Parks
  • Lawns/gardens
  • Waterways
  • Bodies of water
  • And more!
Man holding pipes | HTD Australia

No matter how big or small the job may be, our team can get it done quickly and safely. We have the equipment to handle drilling projects of almost any size, with a range of specially crafted drilling rigs and customised machinery dedicated for directional drilling. Whether you need standard shaped tunnels or holes made to specific shapes and sizes, our technicians can do it for you.


Serving the Sunshine Coast and Beyond


As one of Queensland’s leading specialists for directional drilling, HTD Australia has long been a top choice for directional drilling in the Sunshine Coast. Today, we continue to provide the expert and reliable drilling solutions we are known for, helping clients across the region drill safely and quickly at reasonable prices.


If you’re looking for directional drilling specialists who always get the job done on time and on budget, HTD Australia is the team for you.


Get a quote today by calling 07 3883 1400. If you need more information about our drilling solutions, don’t hesitate to enquire online for assistance.

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