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HTD Australia is a Brisbane, Queensland based company specialising in horizontal directional drilling / underground boring services for the installation of conduits under paths, driveways, roads, rail, congested and environmentally sensitive areas.
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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services
in Brisbane, Gold Coast & the Sunshine Coast


Servicing small businesses, large companies, utility providers, government organisers, local councils and homeowners since 1988.

  • Trenchless Solution for Underground Installations
  • Savings in Excavation Costs, Shoring Costs and Reinstatement Costs
  • Eliminates Trenching-Related Accidents
  • Less Delays from Weather Conditions
  • No Application Needed for Road Opening Permits and Public Road Works

  • Gets the Job Done in Half the Time, Compared to Trenching
  • Ideal for Sensitive and Difficult Sites, Including Golf Courses, Airport Runways and Busy Roads
  • Eliminates the Need for Surface Matching, Replacement and Re-levelling
  • Highly Cost-Effective Process

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What is Directional Drilling


Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a process of installing underground pipes, cables and conduits without the relatively destructive approach of traditional trenching. 


Also referred to as Directional Boring, this minimally invasive method of installing underground assets offers significant environmental and operational advantages. 


From faster ingress and egress to requiring smaller manpower and less equipment, the horizontal directional drilling method has proven itself to be the more cost-effective, practical choice.


How Does Directional Horizontal Drilling Work?


The process begins with a small pilot hole on the predetermined path. Then the reaming process follows by using a back reamer to enlarge the hole to accommodate a protective pipe. The final stage ends with the casing pipe fitted down the hole by way of the drill stem.


The process is also aided by a drilling fluid that’s usually a mixture of water and bentonite. The function of this fluid is to facilitate the removal of cuttings, stabilise the hole, cool the cutting equipment and lubricate the passage. Receiving pits allow for collection, filtering and reuse of the drilling fluid in order to reduce costs and prevent waste.

Worker boring underground | HTD Australia

Where Can You Use Our Services?


If you need to run pipes and utility lines underneath paved surfaces with minimal impact, Horizontal Directional Drilling will be your practical choice. We can bore underneath driveways, roads, landscaped terrain, bodies of water and paved surfaces without any ground-level disturbance. We are fully equipped to service any project size, ranging from residential jobs to large-scale utility projects.

  • Communication Lines
  • Electrical Lines
  • Power Lines
  • Water Lines
  • Sprinklers

  • Water Reticulation
  • Sewer Lines
  • Gas Lines
  • Electric Gates
  • And More!

displacement hammers technique

Displacement Hammers

rock drill bit

Rock Drilling

Worker boring underground | HTD Australia

Vacuum Excavation

Why Choose HTD Australia

Decades of Industry Experience


With more than 20 years of industry experience and decades more of collective experience within our team, we are more than confident that we can adhere to the highest industry standards and meet the top expectations from all of our clients. Our experience allows us to find the most practical and cost-effective solutions for every project we handle. This proficiency allows all of our clients to save both time and money by allowing us to complete the job more quickly and efficiently than most other drilling and excavating services.

Trained Industry Specialists


Working with HTD Australia means that you’ll have highly trained professionals handling your project. All of our team members are fully trained and qualified for the job, meaning they are more than capable of completing projects in the most cost-effective, most efficient and safest manner. No job is too big or too small for our team, and we’ll make sure that we complete the task right the first time.

Trusted by Organisations, Big and Small


We have completed numerous projects for organisations coming from all industries and coming in all sizes. From residential jobs to corporate projects, all the way to local and state government contracts, our growing list of satisfied clients can attest to our proficiency in the trade. If you’re looking for the most reliable drilling services and people you can trust, you come to the right team.

Regional Queensland Landscape | HTD Australia

Regional Queensland

Recent HDD Projects

Woombye Aged Care Facility

8 Bores – 63mm Rising Sewer Main – 800 meters of drilling through a variety of challenging alignments, including bushland, creeks, roads and difficult terrain. Additional precision was required to ensure the rising sewer main pipeline was installed with consistent fall.


110mm Gas Sleeve – 100 meter under-bore beneath an ARTC rail corridor. Our rock-drilling HDD rig was used to successfully deliver this project through hardened sandstone.


6 Bores – 180mm Rising Sewer Main – 380 meters of drilling for a new sub-division.. We tackled a few different scenarios and installed bores beneath creeks, roads and bushland.


16 Bores – 180mm Water Main & 90mm Recycling Main – 750 meters of drilling installed through-out the botanical gardens. These bores required careful consideration of the existing gardens, historical sensitivities and pedestrian traffic.


125mm Electrical and 125mm Communications Conduits – We were engaged to expand the electrical and communications services through-out a variety of schools within South East Queensland. Our bore alignments were beneath buildings and school grounds, and these works required careful safety considerations as school operations were on-going.


9 Bores – 250mm Gas Sleeve – 360 meters of drilling along road verges and beneath roads for the installation of a new gas main. This project involved close collaboration with the principal contractor to ensure smooth delivery.


2 Bores – 125mm Electrical & 63mm Communications – 104 meters of drilling beneath concrete slabs, testing our tracking expertise to accurately maintain the desired bore alignment.


315mm Sewer Enveloper – 70 meters of drilling down an embankment. This project required careful planning and drafted bore profiles to ensure the pipeline was installed to the correct parameters.


9 x 125mm Electrical Conduits – We faced challenging ground conditions and restricted space during the deliver of this project – however we still completed the installation within the set timeframes.

Why is Directional Drilling Better than Trenching and Excavating?


More organisations have been turning to Horizontal Directional Drilling, as opposed to traditional trenching and excavating. Here are some of the most notable distinctions our services have from traditional methods.


Minimal Surface Disturbance


There will be no need to remove and reinstate large amounts of dirt and soil. This is one of the problems faced by traditional trenchers when working on sites with established structures and environment-sensitive elements.


Faster Results


Most of the actual work is happening underground, meaning that operational continuity is less dependent on the weather above. Directional drilling can even continue under unfavourable weather conditions.


Needs Less Labour


With less equipment needed, there will also be a smaller requirement for staffing. With a small team of technicians and specialists, costs are cut, and site safety is implemented easier.


Suitable for Complicated Sites


Without the invasive process of trenching, sensitive sites, such as landscaped lots, busy roads and critical infrastructure can be worked on underneath, with minimal environmental restrictions.

Construction workers in safety reflective vest | HTD Australia

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