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HTD Australia is a Brisbane, Queensland based company specialising in horizontal directional drilling / underground boring services for the installation of conduits under paths, driveways, roads, rail, congested and environmentally sensitive areas.
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HTD Australia Pty Ltd provides horizontal directional drilling services to sole traders, local and interstate Councils, government organisations (schools, airports & military bases), property developers, major service and network providers, and small to large construction companies. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to design, plan, and assist your next project – ensuring it’s completed smoothly, on budget and to the highest quality. Our priority is to ensure all project requirements, safety and technical specifications are met through our scoping, onsite coordination and professional service. With an extensive fleet of HDD rigs and trenchless techniques, HTD can deliver projects tailored to the specific ground and site conditions.


We are proudly one of the top experts for horizontal directional drilling in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast. We provide a wide range of directional drilling and directional boring services for all types of drilling and construction projects. Our technicians specialise in trenchless horizontal directional drilling, which offers fast, cost-effective and minimally disruptive drilling suitable for a variety of applications.

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HTD Australia is an Underground Directional Drilling Company based in Brisbane, Queensland.  We specialise in Trenchless Techniques for the installation of conduits and pipelines beneath paths, driveways, roads, rail, airport runways, congested and environmentally sensitive areas. HTD has been operating for nearly three decades, and collectively our team has over 50 years experience in horizontal directional drilling. We pride our business on consistent high quality service, maintaining our plant and machinery, and coordinating projects safely and efficiently.


No matter how big or complicated your drilling project may be, we’ll make sure that you get the best drilling solution to match your project requirements and timeline. Our knowledge and expertise in trenchless drilling means you can look forward to your project running smoothly on time and on budget.