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HTD Australia is a Brisbane, Queensland based company specialising in horizontal directional drilling / underground boring services for the installation of conduits under paths, driveways, roads, rail, congested and environmentally sensitive areas.
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Horizontal Directional Drilling throughout South East Queensland

HTD Australia is a Brisbane-based company specialising in horizontal directional drilling/underground boring services for the installation of conduits and pipelines. We provide horizontal directional drills and directional boring in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast, providing the right drilling solutions for projects throughout South East Queensland.

We routinely perform horizontal drilling services for underground paths, driveways, roads, highways, rail corridors, airport runways, rivers and creeks, as well as congested and environmentally sensitive areas. Our team has built a reputation as professionals who always get the job done no matter how complicated the task may be.

If you’re looking for fast, safe and cost-effective directional boring for underground utilities and conduits, we’re the team for you. For years, HTD Australia has been a top specialist for horizontal directional drilling in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast. We’ve worked with organisations big and small throughout South East Queensland, from local and state governments to commercial clients and private homeowners.

Call 0738831400 today to get a quote for your next project from your HDD specialists.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Specialists Australia
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HTD’s horizontal directional drilling is a fast, cost-effective and less disruptive method for installing underground services without trenching. It provides a safe and effective alternative to traditional trenching and excavating.



HTD's displacement hammers are effective tools ideal for shorter trenchless installations beneath driveways, footpaths and roadways. These are ideal for more delicate environments and sites with established structures onsite.



HTD's vacuum excavation trucks can be used to open controlled excavations and locate underground utilities via the use of high-powered water and vacuum machinery. These offer a safe, convenient and environment-friendly way of providing true visual location of underground utilities.



HTD Australia offers a low-impact, cost-effective option to install conduits and pipelines under footpaths, gardens, driveways, roads, highways, rails and airport runways. With our directional drilling and under road drilling services, you can install underground utilities quickly and safely with HTD Australia.



We offer a variety of drilling rig options suited to the requirements of your next project. Our capabilities range from smaller footprints to rock breaking and longer pipeline installations. We have a versatile fleet of machines and equipment that let us handle jobs of almost any type and size.



Our experienced team has the expertise to design, plan and assist you with your next project, ensuring it's delivered to the highest quality, and without any costing surprises. Take a look at some of our recent projects to learn what we can do and how we can help you complete your construction project.


Areas We Service



Whether in the Brisbane CBD or the outer suburbs, our team can get to your site and provide the right drilling service for your project. We offer a full range of quality drilling services to get the job done properly on time, every time.

Gold Coast


From sites close to the beach to locations in the inner suburbs and hinterlands, we can provide the drilling services you need to install underground utilities safely and quickly. No matter how complex your drilling project may be, you can trust our team to get it done.

Sunshine Coast


We provide top-notch directional drilling services throughout the Sunshine Coast, from sites along the coastline to the hinterlands and inner suburbs. Whether you’re drilling in open construction sites or under environment-sensitive locations, we can help you complete your project faster and more efficiently.

About HTD Australia

We are proudly one of the top experts for horizontal directional drilling and directional boring in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast. We provide a wide range of directional drilling and directional boring services for all types of drilling and construction projects. Our technicians specialise in trenchless horizontal directional drilling, which offers fast, cost-effective and minimally disruptive drilling suitable for a variety of applications.


We work with any client or organisation that needs efficient drilling solutions for their project. Our list of regular clients includes:


  • Sole traders
  • Builders and construction companies
  • Local and interstate Councils
  • Major service and network providers
  • Property developers
  • And more!


No matter how big or complicated your drilling project may be, we’ll be the HDD drilling contractors to make sure that you get the best drilling solution to match your project requirements and timeline. Our knowledge and expertise in trenchless drilling mean you can look forward to your project running smoothly on time and on budget.


Whether you’re in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or the Sunshine Coast, our directional drilling and under road drilling services can help you complete your project fast and with as little disruption as possible.

Let our experienced team assist you with your next project. Get in touch and organise a site visit.


4 Huntington Street

Clontarf QLD 4019 Australia